Favourite Loop

Sunday’s weather was THE BEST.  I hope everyone was outside to enjoy it.  I did my favourite loop — a stroll down Ossington, Queen West, Trinity Bellwoods Park, and Kensignton Market. Stopping in and out of stores and coffee shops along the way, finishing with a few groceries in Kensington. Something sad to report – Badlands Vintage on Ossington closed, you know the one with the huge downstairs. Sad to see it go.
I finally went into the newish vintage store called Used at Queen and Spadina. The name is pretty awesome because most people use nicer words like “vintage” or “thrifted” but guess what? It’s used! It was pretty decent, and the prices were normal. There’s nothing I hate more than expensive vintage…unless it’s a designer dress of some sort. I will make an exception when I find my perfect Betty Draper dress. I know exactly what it should look like – just haven’t found it yet.  JD

Trinity Bellwoods Park

I never knew Cabaret had a basement. Loved this bar/mannequin.

Random Fox head




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8 responses to “Favourite Loop

  1. Love the shot of you at Trinity Bellwoods!

  2. Love your purse!! The whole outfit is well put together. May I ask, where’d you get your coat?

  3. You and your partner are absolutely fabulous.

  4. You put together outfits so effortlessly, I wish I had some of your talent!

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