Seven Dollar Deals

It is rare when we post wearing clothes that go along with our blog name, Seven Dollar Pants.  So this is a special day as not just one but two pieces of clothing are seven dollar purchases.  Hurray!  My skirt was a seven dollar purchase from Costa Blanca and my fur hat was a seven dollar purchase from Value Village in Calgary.  God I love this hat.  I get some funny looks when I wear it.  Some men just don’t get it…but I do…and that’s all that matters.  Love what you wear!

Hat – Vallue Village $7
Shirt – H&M $40
Skirt – Costa Blanca $7
Cable Knit Tights – Winners $14
Jacket – H&M $30
Boots – H&M $60
Bag – Cole Haan



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6 responses to “Seven Dollar Deals

  1. Sundie

    the man in the last picture doesn’t get your hat :p

  2. love the outfit….inspired shopping trip i think!

  3. I miss Value Village! Love this look, too. It wouldn’t be the same without the hat!

  4. I totally bought that EXACT same jacket! $30 – you can’t go wrong.

  5. That skirt is fabulous and that hat is wonderful! You’re right that it only matters if you ‘get’ it, not anyone else!

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