Tretorn Nylite Shoe Project

The people from Tretorn sent us our favourite type of mail – shoes!  The iconic shoe brand sent 35 bloggers in Canada a pair of Tretorns and asked us to wear them our own way.  You can see the collection of pics on The Nylite Project.  I chose to wear mine with black yoga jeans by Second Denim, and a pink and white striped top from Simons.

These pics were taken at my neighbourhood laundromat.  Contrary to movies, there’s nothing glamourous about washing your clothes in public, but it was a fun place to take pictures…especially the part when I got IN the dryer. It was massive. JD


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2 responses to “Tretorn Nylite Shoe Project

  1. Vadooch

    Wow – talk about blast from the past. My mom bought me a pair of Tretorns for back to school in Grade 6 @ Holy Cross!! I had no idea they were even still in the making. I think you should have paired them with a Vuarnet France t-shirt…lol. Just joking – looks great!

  2. I love this photoshoot of you Julie!!! You look amazing!

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