The Ritz Life

After a few days spent surfing in San Diego, I headed back to LA.  In a weird twist of plans, I ended up staying at The Ritz Carlton Marina Del Ray for the rest of my trip.  It was BEYOND bliss!  I took advantage of the lovely pool, ultra soothing hot tub, delicious watermelon water, and the gorgeous surrounding views.  It really is top-notch service that makes all the difference.  The staff at The Ritz were on their game at any given moment.  It was the. best.

I didn’t wear much other than a bathing suit for most of the time, but I decided to pseudo dress-up for this photo.  I wore my purple convertible dress from American Apparel, flowing top from H&M, floppy hat from Urban Outfitters, sunglasses from Forever 21, and sandals from Spring.

On crazy, overwhelming days, I’m going to think back to the moments I spent floating on my back, staring at the palm trees and the moon while night swimming.  Great memories.  JD



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6 responses to “The Ritz Life

  1. You look casual and comfortable with a definite style…and what a dream come true to spend time at this lovely spot!

  2. So apparently the staff at the Ritz were NOT on their game at any given moment. Just read that a piece of art was stolen on Saturday night worth $250,000!! I saw it in the lobby! how strange

  3. Bon-Ton

    I want to go back!

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