Stolen Crop Top

I’ve been on vacation in sunny California for the past few days, loving life, taking it all in.  I spent a few days in LA and now I’m in San Diego.

I felt very Kelly Kapowski in this outfit yesterday.  I stole this Esprit crop top from my cousin back in ’94.  It accidentally ended up in my suitcase after a vacation we took together, so I just decided not to give it back.  Every time she came to my house, I would hide it.  I never even wore it, I just wanted to have it.  Sorry Camille!

My vintage Levi’s jean shorts are from Penny Arcade; gold belt is from Print Fine Vintage; sunglasses are from Forever 21; and my new floppy hat is by Goorin Bros from Urban Outfitters.  JD



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5 responses to “Stolen Crop Top

  1. KM

    Awesome outfit! Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Poised Petal

    Love the 70s floppy hat! The beach looks like a dream; enjoy the rest of your trip!

  3. Camille

    That’s my crop top!!!! That would look great on me now……I think I need it back. Just joking!!!

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