Mad About Shoes

Sometimes the best part of an outfit are the shoes.  I found this pair at Winners on Bloor and I’m glad I bought them.  I wasn’t sure if I’d wear them enough but I’ve been wearing them quite a bit this summer.  The platform toe makes the 4 inch rise bearable…even though I’m convinced I’ll be in orthopedics in 5 years time.

These pants are by Wilfred from Aritzia and I love wearing them because they’re soft and comfortable.  This top was purchased at a thrift store in Belgium for 4 Euro.  I’m actually wearing it backwards because I didn’t feel like sporting a high neck.  See what it looks like non-backwards here.  Belt is also vintage from my mom’s closet.  JD



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4 responses to “Mad About Shoes

  1. I love finding a great pair of shoes…or pairs of shoes…they totally make how I feel with what I’m wearing…if the shoes aren’t right I’ll keep digging in my closet until I find the ones that work “perfectly” with the outfit. And I love the idea of wearing the blouse backwards…viva la difference!

  2. I see you’ve got some admirers in that first snap, heehee.

    Nice shoes. Do you know what you’ll be wearing feet-wise for fall yet? I just bought a pair of Aldo crowners and I’m on the fence over them. Although I’m on the fence about almost all things. I just want to know if there’s any better similar style boots on the go really

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