Sun Lace and Paper Flowers

Someone told me I looked like Little House on the Prairie in this outfit, but CM stuck up for me and said “no, it’s a 70s inspired look.”  Thanks CM, I think so too.

I love the look of a long 70s inspired maxi dress.  I found this floral one at Forever 21 and was impressed with its quality.  I paired it with my lace vest from H&M ($39), a vintage gold belt ($10), and platform shoes by Top Shop from LAB consignment ($99).

Nail polish is Mint Candy Apply by Essie. JD



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4 responses to “Sun Lace and Paper Flowers

  1. Bon-Ton

    Just Lovely!

  2. No one on Little House ever looked that chic! It’s totally 70s right down to the lace vest and the platform shoes. You’re rocking the look top to bottom!

  3. Fantastic – love this dress. I could also see you rocking it in the fall with black combat boots and a cropped leather jacket (a la Rachel Bilson). :)

    Katy (aka Savvy in the City)

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