Sugar Beach

We’ve been loving the scorching heat that’s graced us this month, but if you live downtown, you know that finding a place to soak up the sun can be difficult.  Toronto definitely has great outdoor spaces – you just have to branch out a bit.  If you’re unfamiliar with Toronto’s beaches, you should check out the Beach City guide from NOW magazine.

One great place to start is Sugar Beach – it’s the whimsical park located at the foot of Lower Jarvis, beside the Redpath sugar factory (hence, Sugar beach).  Some people call it a “fake beach” because you can’t actually go in the water, but they have eye-catching pink umbrellas and Muskoka chairs!  Other perks – they have a splash pad near by and Joe Fresh is a quick 1 minute walk away if you feel like shopping.  It’s a great little escape that you don’t have to go too far for.  JD

Outfit details:
Striped tunic – Joe Fresh ($24)
Straw hat – Kensington Market ($10)
Beach bag – Wal-Mart ($7)
Sunglasses – Winners ($12)

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