Just Like Us

I don’t drive or own a car, but today a friend and I rented a car to go down to Niagara.  While pumping gas in my 4 inch heels, it made me think of that ridiculous section of US magazine called “Stars – they’re just like us!” They grocery shop, go to Starbucks, and *gasp* they even pump their own gas!!! Can you imagine? What a crazy thing!  JD

Outfit details:
H&M Dress $49
Dollhouse heels from Winners $80
Cheap Monday sunglasses $30



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4 responses to “Just Like Us

  1. I wish I looked this great when I’m pumping gas!!!! Love those shoes!!! (and I can’t stand that hokey “just like us” stuff either!).

  2. ad

    Didn’t the car come with a full tank of gas?

  3. i love how you pump gas in heels! looking very chic!

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