Colour Blocking

I wasn’t sure if I would take to the colour blocking trend a la Jil Sander, but after composing a few very colourful outfits – I’m now a fan.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my muted greys and tonal tans, but busting out colour with such gusto feels GREAT!  I wore this outfit last night and went out for some vino on Ossington.  While the rest of the world watched the Stanley Cup game, CM and I engaged in laughs, gossip, and shop talk.  Who won the game again?  JD

Outfit details:
Angle skirt – H&M $39
Cropped t-shirt – H&M $10
Cropped blazer – H&M $29
Platform shoes – Top Shop from LAB consignment $100
Vintage gold belt – Print Fine Vintage $10

New heels got me wobbly…I fell.


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3 responses to “Colour Blocking

  1. Just saw you, found you through The Star’s 31 Best Dressed and I’m happy to have done so! As for those heels…wobbly would be me, on my knees for sure!

  2. KM

    Love the entire outfit, well done JD! …And congrats on making The Star’s Best Dressed list, definitely deserved!

  3. Silvia

    love that lil’ blue blazer :)

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