Back In Town

 I’ve been looking at these pictures for a week now, and have been left with no choice but to thrown in the towel admitting I am at a loss for words – I don’t know what to say about what I’m wearing.  What a lazy blogger I am.  It isn’t that I am uninspired, or that I was lacking inspiration when I dressed myself rather casually for work this particular day; I am just stuck.  I could discuss the contrast between the feminine and masculine fabrics, or the juxtaposing colour combinations, or the clashing beaded necklace which (in my eyes)  just seems to work.  Nah, I will just leave you knowing these pics left me a bit foggy.  Happy Tuesday.  CM



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3 responses to “Back In Town

  1. kathy scott

    I absolutely love your shoes. They are so amazing! Where did you find these and when? They are ver y retro. Please let me know .
    Thanks Kathy

  2. kathy scott

    Okay, so where is Locale (feet first) Im from Sarnia. I know this store is probly in Toronto, but where? thanks.

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