Ordinary and Everyday

I always talk about how comfortable my Yoga jeans are and how I can’t go back to regular jeans, so I just had to buy another pair.  I went to ShopGirls Gallery Boutique in Parkdale and ordered the high waist skinny jeans in black.  I’ll start with the basic colours and then I’ll venture out to stone wash and other shades.

Yoga Jeans by Second Denim. High waist, skinny, blue.  So comfy.

While I was at ShopGirls I happend to notice more great photos as part of the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival.  The photos were shots of past home interiors by Mandy Keeping, Emma McIntyre, and Jade Lee.  By documenting these ordinary and everyday places over time, the photographers are given the opportunity to reflect and understand their relationship to these spaces – to examine whether or not they still resonate on an emotional and personal level.  The photos caught my eye and made me think of my grandparents and older relatives homes.  Interesting to see how home decor has drastically changed over time.  It made me think about my wardrobe and how I loathe some of the things I wore 10 years ago, and what my wardrobe and home decor will look like in another 10 years.  hmmmmm, we shall see.

I hope you’re taking advantage of the festival. I love that it pops up virtually everywhere, like little unexpected treats. Enjoy! JD


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