Until The End of the World

Many crazy people believed the world was going to end this weekend, so we decided to live by this quote “Let’s party like the world is ending Saturday and continue partying when it doesn’t.”

We finally got a taste of REAL summer and what a glory it was.  We gathered a group of friends for a picnic and some bocce in the park and it turned out to be an awesome afternoon.  Trinity Bellwoods Park was filled with people relaxing, playing games, and just loving life.  I love when the park is packed – it reminds me of a busy beach. We had food, tunes, sunshine, and good people. What more could you ask for?

We also went to the Lykke Li concert at the Phoenix and it was just amazing.  Her music is the best to begin with, but seeing it live made me feel it in my veins. The beat of the drums combined with Lykke’s unique voice, outfit choices and dance moves easily make her the coolest chic out of Sweden. We love the Swedes – Lykke, Robyn, and Elin! I think a Seven Dollar Pants trip to Stockholm is in order.

And of course a great weekend wouldn’t be complete without milkshakes and mimosas a la Lakeview.  Good times all around. Glad the world is still here. Slow clap. JD


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