Cape Town in Navy

This is my mom’s maternity cape that she wore while she was pregnant with me.  I was a giant baby by the way, coming in at 9 lbs 4 oz…and 1 month overdue.  I love fat babies…maybe I knew I wanted to be one before coming out.

I added this cape to my coat collection because I was inspired by the capes at American Apparel.  I noticed them in the window and suddenly remembered something similar in my mom’s closet.  I called in a panic like I always do when I think something has been given away. It went something like this…

Me: “Mom? Do you still have that cape? Please don’t say you gave it away.”
Mom: “I might have given it to so and so’s daughter when she was pregnant, but it might still be here, let me check.”
Me: “No! you can’t give stuff like that away!”
Mom: “You’re in luck, it’s still in the closet.”

These types of conversations take place every few weeks.  Last week I called asking about my leather backpack that came straight from Italy and the response was “we gave it to a girl in Cuba who really wanted it” – I couldn’t be mad at that one, but damn, kinda wish I still had it.

Also shown:
Domino jeggings ($50) from Lavish and Squalor
Steve Madden espadrilles ($50) Winners
Joe Fresh scarf $16
Angelo Damiano aviators (gifted) aka my grandfather’s sunglasses



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  1. Allison

    Such a classic outfit. You look gorgeous (as always).
    ps. HURRAY for fat babies!! My daughter was 9lbs, and the doctors thought I’d be having a 6lbs baby! She definitely skipped the newborn-look stage, but the rolls were worth it!

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