Scarpetta + Boehmer = Date Night

Last week Seven Dollar Pants went out for a proper date.  We got dressed up, complimented each others outfits, and went to Scarpetta for dinner and Boehmer for drinks.

If you haven’t been to Scarpetta yet, you must go.  Hailing from Manhattan, Scarpetta’s Toronto location is in the ultra-chic Thompson Hotel.  To start, we had champagne, stromboli bread with mascarpone cheese, seared scallops, and braised ribs.  Next we moved on to the creamy polenta, duck and foie gras ravioli, spaghetti tomato and basil, and finished off with chocolate salami, and creamy macaroons.  The verdict? EPIC MEAL!  Every bite was like an explosion of flavour, and that’s no exaggeration.  Extreme deliciousness.

Following dinner we went over to Ossington to sip delicious vino at Boehmer. It’s a gorgeous space as well. Sometimes the best dates are with your friends! JD & CM



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5 responses to “Scarpetta + Boehmer = Date Night

  1. u guys are so cute!!! great meal i really want to go there now..:)

  2. Jane

    you two lovelies are ridiculously good-looking. xo.

  3. Anna

    great striped top

  4. Devon

    Where’d you get that sassy stripped top (or dress?) , it looks navy but could be black….I’m a sucker for stripes!

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