Bridesmaids The Movie

We went to see Bridesmaids on Saturday night and loved it!  Finally a laugh out loud raunchy comedy with an all female cast.  It’s a break through and I have  a feeling we’ll be seeing more of it down the road.  There are so many guy comedies like the Hangover, Knocked Up, and 40 Year Old Virgin, that we all know and love, but now it’s time for the girls to make us laugh.  We were pleased to see a mix of guys and girls in the theatre and the guys were laughing just as much as us.

The “bridesmaids” concept is perfect because most of us have been a bridesmaid and can relate to the craziness of a wedding.  The cattiness, the dresses, the emails, the shower, the bachelorette, the drama!  Bridesmaids does a thorough job of capturing it all.  We don’t want to ruin it, but all we can say is awesome flick, go see it! JD & CM

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, watch it here…

A behind the scenes look…



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2 responses to “Bridesmaids The Movie

  1. I loved this movie too. The cast was fantastic.

    Just like Kristin Wiig’s charactor, I was a down and out maid of honor for my best friend many years ago, so I could really relate. Then the cattiness and drama reminded me a lot of my own.

    It was so nice to see a movie with girls being honest and funny for a change.

  2. saltybi11

    They say this movie is supposed to be for guys and gals… glad to hear that everyone was having a good time with it!

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