Circus In The City

Life is not a beach in Toronto these days, but it is a circus.

I went to Dimmi Trattoria for lunch yesterday and after our meal the waiter randomly brought cotton candy to the table! It wasn’t on the menu, we didn’t order it, and he didn’t even say anything, he just brought us cotton candy and walked away as if it was a normal thing to get after a meal at an Italian restaurant. It came out on a stick and I kept wondering if they had a cotton candy machine in the back – they must right? how else do you get fluffy cotton candy on a stick? I think the last time I had cotton candy I was 6 years old and Crystal Beach amusement park still existed. Does anyone remember that place? The best!

Following lunch I went to Kitchen Stuff Plus (one of my favourite stores) to pick up a carrot peeler because mine mysteriously disappeared from my kitchen. An elephant caught my eye and I had to buy him. Not a real elephant but an elephant tea pot ($10). It’s so cute, and makes me think of Dumbo. Cheers to randomness. JD


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  1. I have that same teapot! It is so wonderful and so cute!

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