One Love

So I think by now it is obvious to most that I am not the average size 2 like most bloggers.  I shop to fit my size 8 frame and hope that I do a good job (pictures help determining that by the way).  Needless to say I wanted a good one piece for Maui and it is damn hard finding one!  Most are made for old ladies (no offence old ladies) and just don’t appeal to me.  The day before I left I went into H&M (naturally) for a hat and I saw this one piece from a distance.  I love the colour – reminds me of Bo Derek – and the cut-outs fit the times with cut-out dresses being all the rage.  It was a winner for me. CM


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14 responses to “One Love

  1. Steph

    you look so amazing! The suit really… SUITS you!

  2. CM you are babelicious!!
    You look amazing in that suit!

  3. smashing! made for you..P.S how many triangles do you have on you? lol!

  4. You look amazing. I love that suit on your skin tone. I for one am glad you aren’t a size two it helps me keep optimistic and helps me dress my size 16 body. In september I am going to be going to Hawaii any tips or suggestions would be great, but I’m sure you will be telling us all about that soon enough. I will wait, somewhat patiently.

  5. Susanne

    absolutely stunning C, u r certainly lookin sunkissed!! and that suit, what a find!!! it’s like it was meant for u!!! hope u r havin fun!! keep postin pics and info, I love it!!

  6. You look fantastic and I absolutely love everything about that one piece! I’m definitely not in 2 piece shape this year so I’m heading out to grab that one piece this weekend!

  7. Lily

    I would kill to have your feminine figure. Or at least to have the talent you have for dressing your body-shape so well. You look lovely. I am totally jealous.

  8. TJ

    Crikey! Where did you get those boobs?! That is the product I am checking out.

  9. Sundie

    I just got the new J Crew magazine in the mail and they have a bunch of one piece suits for this season! I may have to do some online shopping.

  10. p.s. can I also say how impressed I am that you put up a swing suit photo on your blog! Major kudos!

  11. looks amazing on you! I was wondering what that suit looks like on. totally rad. i dig it!

  12. Leah

    You are beautiful and that swimsuit is rockin’.

  13. You’re such a babe! & I one of the reasons I love your blog is that I can relate almost exactly to your beautiful shape! It’s so hard to find in the fashion blogger world! Yay for size 8 : )

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