Ordinary World

While CM is living it up in Hawaii, I’ve been keeping it real in the ordinary world.  This crazy Canuck weather is just KILLING me and the ability to graduate into cheerful Spring outfits. I’ve been wearing my giant grandma sweater a lot lately. It’s super cozy but I’m still puzzled that I bought it 5 sizes too big in high school.  I probably wanted it so badly and it was the only size left.

The other day I spontaneously went to the Duran Duran concert! A friend of mine got last minute tickets and I said “Hells Yes.”  You should have seen the beaute crowd composed of die-hard crazy fans, old cougars, bleached hair, boobs out, mullets, beer spillage, sweaty backs, what a sight. However the show was amazing!! My favourites were Ordinary World and Rio! If you’re not in Hawaii like CM, I hope you’re living it up in the ordinary world.  JD xx

Interesting fact: John Taylor (the bass guitarist) is married to Gela Nash, co-founder of Juicy Couture.


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2 responses to “Ordinary World

  1. Also interesting fact about John Taylor – his first wife, famous and awesome photographer and philanthropist, Amanda de Cadenet is now married to The Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi (with whom she has twins). Taylor and de Cadenet have a 19 year old daughter, Atlanta, together and two weekends ago at Coachella, Duran Duran played right before The Strokes on the main stage and the whole family (Taylor, Gela, Amanda, Atlanta, Valensi, & the twins) were together and watching each other. Kind of cool. I know too much useless information.

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