Aloha friends, readers and creepers.  I have been in Maui for the past week enjoying the sun.  Not to rub it in to everyone who is unwillingly partaking in the daily grind but I have been doing nothing but eating (fish and Maui pineapples), drinking (Miller Chill and rum) and lying on the beach.  I haven’t worn makeup, used a blow dryer, or turned on an oven in 7 days.  Ahhh the life.  Every day has consisted of beaches – we visit a different Maui beach every morning – and then the pool.  This means a lot of heavy sunscreen but all is good.  Did I mention that I am within walking distance to an outdoor shopping mall that has everything a shopaholic could ask for?  Dangerous…but heaven at the same time.  I picked up a dress from Betsey Johnson that I cant wait to share with you. Think Andy Warhol on a dress.  CM

H&M dress and purse.  Jewellery from Banana Republic.

Me using protection while chowing down on shrimp and fish tacos.

Sunset from restaurant table in Lahina, Maui.

Me saying goodbye to make-up and hair dryers.  Fully dependent on Sally Hershberger’s Wavy Hair Style Primer and John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde Tousled Tresses.



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2 responses to “Aloha

  1. S-JP

    yay – I think I know the Betsey dress you’re talking about ; )

  2. Jeez Christine I think one could go to Maui just for Sunsets! and fun sundresses.

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