Royal Rendezvous

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending Miss Kelly’s royal wedding themed party.  Kelly is all things royal and her love for it got her a spot on The National discussing Kate Middleton’s fashion influence as well as her Royal Rendezvous party receiving a write-up in the Toronto Star.  Not too shabby considering this is her first soiree and the launch of her event company Post Events.   What a success it was! All guests showed up in their royal best – women in their best hats or facinators and the men looking dapper in their suits or kilts – yes kilts!  A telephone booth was set up as a photobooth and myself and the other guests took their turns living it up London style.  I wore a Forever 21 dress, facinator from Aldo, brooch and earrings from Banana Republic.  It may have been the best Saturday afternoon in the history of Saturday afternoons.  CM

Bucking Ham Sandwiches

Fish & Chips

Princess Pearl Cupcakes and Delightful Doughnuts

Double Decker Shortbread Cookies aka The Best Cookies I’ve Ever Had

Can’t forget the tea!



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3 responses to “Royal Rendezvous

  1. Dody

    Looking absolutely amazing as usual!!! xx

  2. Bon-Ton

    So much fun!
    CM… what a great shot!

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