Inspired: Bonnie & Clyde

By now, our readers are aware of our love for vintage fashion.  We find great joy in scouring the racks of Toronto’s best shops and feel the adrenalin rush when we realize we have discovered a true gem.  Sometimes however, we look beyond our usual magazine and blog haunts for inspiration on how to wear these vintage finds and old movies prove to be a fabulous source.  Bonnie & Clyde is one of our favorites with Faye Dunaway running around the country with Warren Beatty at her side.  She defines the tailored style of the 1930’s that is still popular today including knitted sweaters, long pleated skirts, beret caps and thick trench coats.  Bonnie & Clyde is being screened tonight at 6:30pm  at TIFF as part of the Night Moves: The Films of Arthur Penn film retrospective.  If you feel like being inspired, we recommend you check it out.  CM


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