The See Through Knit

I found this thin knit at Winners last week and was attracted to its flimsy draped shape, but the fact that it was see-through made me question if I should buy it or not.  But then I had a brilliant idea to buy an ivory lace body suit from American Apparel, and voila it worked.  I paired it with my cargo pants, striped scarf, and amazing clogs from Banana Republic.  I have to thank CM for these shoes because she discovered them first and was nice enough to put a pair on hold for me because I wasn’t in town that day.  Thanks CM!  They are probably the steal of the season coming in at $23!  That’s just incredibly satisfying.  JD



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4 responses to “The See Through Knit

  1. Jen

    Love it. You look fantastic.

  2. I shoulda got you to get me a pair of those clogs! Nice :)

  3. Love the styling of your outfit. Your shoes are too cute!

  4. love the whole thing, those pants are killer

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