The Ballroom Strike

When’s the last time you went bowling? For me it was probably grade 11, until Saturday night when I checked out The Ballroom Bowl Bar.  It’s amazing it’s taken so long for a downtown bowling alley to open. It’s in the old Montana’s space on John St. and it’s enormous. I enjoyed the actual bowling part because it reminded me of grade school birthday parties (good old days), and it was fun to do something different. The bar area had a big box vibe to it that was a little too big boxy for me, but it definitely serves the purpose of changing things up. I was trying to be a professional bowler by crossing my right leg behind my left as I let go of the ball like they do on TV, but all I ended up with was gutter ball after gutter ball. I came in last out of my five friends, but at least we all had to wear the same ugly shoes.  JD

Gutter ball reaction

Beautiful shoes.


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  1. I’m dyeing to check this place out…looks like you had a good time.

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