The Sweater Dress

I dont have enough sweater dresses.  This H&M brown sweater dress is a go-to for me – it is so comfortable.  When I am strutting around town, I might as well be in my pyjamas I am so warm and cozy.  With the dress, I am wearing an Anthropologie turtle-neck, H&M booties, Vero Moda jacket from The Bay and Ray-Ban sunglasses.



Filed under Style

5 responses to “The Sweater Dress

  1. Everyone needs some good sweater dresses! I love the black and brown combo. You look so very chic!

  2. Alexis

    You look fab! love your little bun on the top of your head :)

  3. Vicki

    Love yo’ bun!

  4. Courtney

    Your a beauty!

  5. Jane

    You’re so pretty. And I love your hair! Want that bun.

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