Denim and Floral

I love my denim shirt from Zara and although I always wear it casually with riding pants or leggings, I decided to wear it with a skirt yesterday.  It worked and it was a nice change from the black sweater I would normally wear with it.

My skirt is a random rare find from LW – that’s right Liquidation World.  I went in looking for a kitchen table and left with a Kensie skirt for $10.  Gotta love the random finds.  I showed it on the blog here in the summer and cannot wait to wear it again with bare legs! sigh.

My new suede booties are from Spring shoes ($29).  I had to throw out my old ones because I wore them WAY too much.  Sometimes I just love throwing things out.  De-cluttering and closet cleaning is so rewarding. JD



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5 responses to “Denim and Floral

  1. Jenn

    Looks great! Need to check out LW next time I go to PoCo. :)

  2. Bon-Ton

    Nicely Done!

  3. LOVE this! The way the chambray makes the skirt a little more casual and the skirt dresses up the chambray. You look awesome!

  4. Vicki

    One of your best outfits to date!

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