After The Storm

There was much anticipation for the MASSIVE, DEBILITATING, CITY-STOPPING snow storm that hit southern Ontario yesterday.  Julie and I rated this “storm” a 4 and our comments were left to, “meh”.  Never trust the weather man/woman.  To say the least, I was prepared in my Canada Goose Expedition parka, Cougar waterproof snow boots, cashmere toque and Ray-Ban wayfarers.

There are a number of people (stuck up Fashionistas) who love to hate on the Canada Goose parka which is understandable, as they now dominate the Toronto outerwear market with 1 out of 5 (SDP observation) people wearing them who pass by.  It is easy to reject or vocally denounce the mainstream but, the point of the matter is that when it comes to Canada Goose, they are the warmest, most functional jackets you can buy.  Canada Goose may not be run-way fashion but rather really, really warm – more of a forcefield to the sub zero temperatures that Canadian winters bring.  Also, when you look at the inside tag it will read, ‘Made in Canada’.  How many items in your wardrobe will read that nowadays?  Canada Goose is an international success – and I love my Canada Goose parka.


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5 responses to “After The Storm

  1. yes I do see the Canada Goose jackets everywhere but when it’s absolutely freezing out I’m envious of those that have them!

    The storm wasn’t that bad yesterday but I still stayed home – it wasn’t safe to drive in as I saw cars sliding all over the place just in front of my house!

  2. TallGirlBlogging

    I think that anything down is necessary for dealing with the Canadian winter :)
    Where can I get a pair of those boots? They’re fantastic!

  3. Suzanne

    A Canada Goose Parka is on my list of things yet to own. LOVE THEM!

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