Art Battle TO

Last night I went to The Great Hall on Queen West for a dueling Art Battle.  Art Battle is an event that takes place every five weeks and is exactly as it sounds – artists battling each other with live competitive painting. Four artists compete for 20 minutes to paint whatever their little hearts desire, and then the crowd votes on their favourite one. By the third round, the two winners from rounds 1 and 2 compete against each other for a prize of $500. Not too shabby.

At the end, all of the paintings go up for auction, and they bring out cookies for everyone. I think the cookies were a one-off random thing, but I thought it was pretty funny. It’s a really cool event, you should definitely check it out next time. Visit for more info. JD


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  1. Debo

    This is such an awesome idea! I am totally going to the next one.

    That last photo is fantastic, btw.

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