All You Need Is Sun

I woke up on Sunday morning to the sun beaming through my curtains and onto my face, forcing my eyes to flicker a few times before officially waking up. As much as I wanted to sleep in, I couldn’t be mad at the sun. Instead I decided to seize the day with a long winter walk. I bundled up with a few layers and off I went to the lake for a 2 hour walk. Yes, 2 hours. It was -17 with the wind chill, but I was sweating walking through shin deep snow. It was a great workout and made me appreciate nature. I say all of this because of the sun. If it was overcast and dark, I wouldn’t have left my bed, or I’d walk around my apartment with my duvet hugging me like a giant cape. So I’d like to thank the sun for making my day a good one. JD

What I wore underneath my parka:
* Scuba hoodie by Lululemon (gift)
* Moto-leggings by Domino Jeans ($50)
* Technica Moon Boots from Big Foot on Queen West ($90 on sale)
* Vintage-inspired vest from Winners ($24)
* Pins on my vest from my Dad’s ski pin collection – read about it here.


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3 responses to “All You Need Is Sun

  1. Good for you! I actually love walking in the winter – but I haven’t had a good pair of boots in a while so that hasn’t happened for me!

    You look great all bundled up :) I would need to wear like 3 layers on my legs though – my skin is super sensitive to the wind!

  2. My moon boots have proved to be a great investment with all this snow. I put wool leggings on top of these pants, and wore 2 pairs of socks too!

    I just read that taking the time to go outside even in cold weather positively affects your mood. It’s so true :)

  3. Jenn

    I love winter walks too… with Percy :)

    Your hair looks amazing too! My hair NEVER looks that good on a lazy Sunday! :)

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