Same Look, Two Ways

There’s nothing wrong with wearing the same outfit over and over. Sure it can get tedious, but if you find little ways to switch things up it won’t feel so monotonous….and then you’ll have more to splurge on something bigger….like that trip to Paris or Stockholm you’ve been day dreaming about.

I was loving my grey H&M cropped sweater so much I bought it in cream as well. Here’s the same outfit twice with a few minor adjustments.
* Black booties (Spring $29) instead of brown boots
* Maroon belt (Joe Fresh $14) instead of brown belt
* Vintage silk shirt in navy(Stylist yard sale $5)
* Skinny wool pants (Zara $52)
* Hair down vs. hair up changes it too

What city would you fly off to today if money wasn’t an issue? Pick just one! JD



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4 responses to “Same Look, Two Ways

  1. Heather

    Never been but some strong urges have been tempting me.

  2. Paris!! Or to escape the snow St. Martin!!

    Both look fab but I think I like the monochrom grey best. But I am loving how versitile this look is!

  3. Karin

    Prague!’s an unbelievable city

  4. Catherine

    I LOVE your hair (in the top bun) – how do you get it like that? I end up with a Snookie poof each time I try…. Oh, and I’d be in Florence so fast your head would spin!

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