An Invisible Light

My head to toe charcoal and black outfit was fitting for this non-sunny day last week. I know I said I was going to wear more colour this winter, but some days I don’t mind dressing in dark colours.  I just have to be sure to switch it up to avoid the gloomy feeling.

* Chunky knit cardigan by Dex (from Winners)
* Silk shirt and belt from Joe Fresh
* Motorcycle leggings by Domino
* Headband from H&M
* Winter boots from Town Shoes



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4 responses to “An Invisible Light

  1. Marianne

    Simple but so pretty. Where would you wear this?

  2. Thanks :) I would wear this on the weekend while out shopping, or meeting a friend for a latte. It’s a good casual daytime outfit. You could wear something like this in an office as well, if it’s a casual environment.

  3. Maria

    Julie, love this relaxed look. I gotta get my hands on the silk blouse. I know what you mean about the grey/black tones. I realized it when my students draw pictures of me only wearing those colours. Time for some colour.

  4. I find it really difficult to wear all neutrals without some pop of color, but you look so fantastic in this. I love all the layers and textures. This is a great outfit!

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