Sky High

My only NYC regret was not taking back Steve Madden’s ANNIE booties.  Luckily I found a similar pair from Aldo that (most importantly) give me the some height boost to my 5’3 frame.  They most definitely ARE NOT snow friendly so the race to wear them is on.  Hopefully the snow stays away much like it did last year.  Skiers and snowboarders, stop complaining and head further north.  You really don’t have to go that far – just let me wear my darn booties.

The rest of my outfit:
Jacket – Zara
Belt – Club Monaco
Headband – H&M
Leggings – American Apparel


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16 responses to “Sky High

  1. Amy

    If I saw those boots in Aldo I would probably walk right past them, but, seeing you wear them so well makes me want a pair of my own! They are fantastic!

  2. Melissa

    Love the jacket! Reminds me of Pendleton. I am going to check out the Zara in Calgary. Is it warm?

    • This jacket is more for days that are above 0 degrees Celsius. Unfortunately you wont have any luck at Zara in Calgary – I purchased this jacket a few years back. Thanks for the comment :)

  3. Jane

    Oh, this is good.

  4. Let me know if you see another cute headband anywhere. Hats aren’t really my thing, but I’d like to keep my ears warm!

  5. Lauren

    You look fantastic! I love so many of your outfits, but this one tops the list!!

  6. Mel

    Great Spice Girl shoes…Tell me what you what, what you really, really want….zigga zig ahhhh.

  7. D-Bones

    Well fancy fucking that!
    Where were these pics taken CM?

  8. J

    You girls always look stunning but this outfits is one of my personal favs

  9. Sundie

    These shoes remind me of the shoes I wore in high school with my kilt.
    Sky high Spice Girl platforms.

    I love them!

  10. that coat is fabulous! love red and black together. and the shoes are amazing. most fashionable shoes are def. not for the snow, but the things we do for fashion’s sake, right? :D

    Beneath the Glass

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