The Winter Anorak

My search for the perfect Anorak lead me to this Vero Moda coat with great seasonal timing. My 2010 hunt was all disappointment upon the realization that the good Anoraks had sold out in my size or were simply too much moolah. On Boxing Day at Sherway Gardens, I was walking through The Bay and stumbled upon this Vero Moda jacket. My stumbling was followed by a “Eureka!” as it was the very last one and in my size. I ran to the cash to hear “$34 please”. “Double Eureka!”.

The rest of my outfit:

Hat – Hudson’s Bay Company

Infinity Scarf – Reese from Doll Haus

Leggings – Costa Blanca

Boots – Aldo



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8 responses to “The Winter Anorak

  1. You lucky duck! I was at Sherway on Saturday (admittedly a bit after Boxing Day) and could find nothing halfway decent or in my size for under $400. *sigh* The search continues!

  2. Sarah

    This is a great look. Love the boots.

  3. You seriously look cute in anything, even a big puffy anorak!!!!

  4. Jacky

    Seriously in love with the boots!! Cute outfit!!

  5. Omg, just got mine in from Old Navy!
    I love it so darn much!
    I had searched far and wode (H&M, F21, and American A and all the high fashion stores).
    I checked Old Navy and voila!
    Also in my size.
    I think i’ll use a belt for style but im not sure since its “puffy:.

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