The Places We Go – NYC

Last weekend we took our 2nd annual Seven Dollar Pants trip to NYC!  We had a great time and checked out a ton of great restaurants and bars.  Our top faves were Cafe Habana, Otto Enoteca, Cafe Gitane, Vesuvio Bakery, and the Oak Room at the Plaza Hotel.

Cafe Habana is a cute tiny Cuban place in Nolita and they are known for their delicious corn.  The place was packed, the tables were mint green and miniature, and the servers wore high waist pants with cropped vintage sweaters.  Awesome.

Otto Enoteca is at One 5th Avenue in Greenwich Village, and it’s one of Mario Batalli’s restaurants.  They play fun music, the food is delish, and in Seven Dollar Pants style – it’s very affordable.  We ate the spaghetti a la carbonara, pizza Margherita, and gelato.  Yum.

We stopped at Vesuvio Bakery for a cookie and coffee and we were thrilled that this historic spot was bustling with business again.  Last year we were captivated by its facad but it was all boarded up.

Cafe Gitane was definitely memorable.  There is one in Nolita but we went to the one at The Jane Hotel.  We just loved the vibe, music, old decor, and food.  A must stop spot!

Last but certainly NOT least, we spent an unforgettable afternoon at the Oak Room in the Plaza Hotel.  It was a brunch party called Day & Night and it was quite the party!!!  Within 10 minutes of entering the room we were sprayed with a bottle of Champagne.  The servers wore sequins bikinis and sat on the shoulders of half-naked male models.  Every few minutes they would emerge with batons of fire attached to the bottles of Champagne.  The DJ got the room going while party goers danced on tables and partied like it was their job.  Did we mention this all took place in the afternoon?  It was wild.

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3 responses to “The Places We Go – NYC

  1. Sara

    sweet, looks like you hit some great spots!


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