Closet Find – The Long Skirt

A while back I showed you a few pieces I took from my Aunt’s closet over Thanksgiving weekend.  I scored an awesome purse here, and a silk shirt here.

This long floral skirt was found in her closet as well.  It was a few sizes off so I had it taken to the tailor shop for a perfect fit.  It’s fun walking around in a long flowing skirt, and a nice change from the everyday wardrobe.

I paired it with my H&M lace-up booties ($69), top from Joe Fresh ($12), and boyfriend blazer from Suzy Shier ($30).  I added gold buttons to the blazer to give it a little somethin’ extra.  My belt is vintage.  What do you think about the long skirt trend – ugly or cool?  JD



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15 responses to “Closet Find – The Long Skirt

  1. I think the trend can be ugly OR cool. In this case, very cool! I love it with those boots and that blazer. I think you look awesome!

  2. Jane

    You own this look! I love it.

  3. Anna

    I think your log is fab. I like long skirts, however, the $$ you spent on tailoring the skirt was not money well spent. The skirt is hideous/uuuugly. You should have buried it in the closet where it belongs. That said you’re lucky you can pull it off with your slender physique.

  4. Oh yes me likey…I bought a cool khaki one with big pockets so i can fit snootsie in.

  5. Bon-Ton

    You can pull it off, but most can’t.

  6. Mansi

    Hi guys.. been following your blog for a little over a month now. I love it! To answer this specific question, I could *never* pull it off but you look simply chic in that long skirt! The blazer, the boots and the belt all distract from what can otherwise seem like an ugly skirt on a hanger. However, you manage to make the whole ensemble look fabulous!

  7. Tiffany

    I think the long skirt is awesome with the right top/shoe combo. In this case you hit the nail on the head. Super cute with the boots and blazer!

  8. eva

    You look lovely but when was this photo taken? Must have been a bit warmer then…

    Would love to see your full winter gear :)

  9. shab

    I LOVE this outfit!

  10. Patricia

    lucky you darling because you’re able to pull this off. A shortie like me would be buried in that skirt. I think what also makes it super cool is the boots and the jacket that you styled it with.
    I will be buying something like this for my tall and slender sister. :)

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