Night of the Ugly Dress, Part Three

Last weekend our friends got together for the third annual Ugly Dress Party.  We spend weeks searching out the most hideous frock we can find and then drink a bunch of cocktails in them.  I thought that Julie’s was borderline pretty.  Mine was just hideous.  It is so ugly and unflattering that I am having problems even looking at this post.  To see a full set of pics from the night including the winner of the 2010 Ugly Dress trophy, click here to our Facebook page.  

To see last year’s post of the 2nd Annual Ugly Dress Party, click here.



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10 responses to “Night of the Ugly Dress, Part Three

  1. My dress was my mom’s. She wore it to a wedding when I was little and I remember thinking it was the prettiest dress I had ever seen. But now I think it’s funny – who wants a torso THAT long? JD

  2. Jen

    I’ve seen the facebook page…
    You ladies make these dresses look good.

  3. Just looked at the Facebook album… some gloriously hideous finds! Funny to think of how they were all cutting edge fashion at one point.

  4. Ashley J

    What a awesome idea!!!! I have GOT to tell my friends about this!!!

  5. Noopy can I borrow that dress for the wedding I have to go to?

  6. Oh…wow.

    SUCH a fun idea! Hope you had a great time!

  7. AD

    Brings back memories!

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