New Ballet

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  I skip down the street singing this tune and often will throw in a couple tro lo lo’s (do me a favor and click the link) just for good measure.  Now, I am not talking about Christmas, I am talking about pre-Christmas markdowns and the promise of everything being at leas 40% off.  Ahhh markdows.  The buyers worst nightmare and my real life fairy tale.  I went into H&M before lunch and right before my very eyes was this pink dress with a big $10 sign.  As I had told myself that I was not going to make any clothing purchases through the month of December, I put it back on the rack.  Then I had this grand idea.  If I don’t continue on to purchase lunch and use the $10 for the dress instead, it will cancel itself out.  The only loss is the 500 calories I would have consumed – WIN WIN SITUATION!

The rest of my outfit:

Sweater – Ann Taylor Loft
Boots – Cole Haan
Vintage Belt – Borrowed from friend
Earrings – Borrowed from friend
Necklace – Forever 21
Bracelet – Tiffany
Tights – Joe Fresh



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12 responses to “New Ballet

  1. Jane


  2. Sundie

    I LOVE this!!! Can I borrow sometime :D

  3. Jenn

    Love this outfit!

  4. super cute! nice score :)

  5. Marina

    Love it!! The sweater is perfect :)

  6. Did you really not eat lunch? You make me giggle.

    That dress is truly perfection on you!

  7. S-JP

    One of my FAVE’ post’s yet! I just love the ballet pink ; )
    So random, the Trololol song popped into my head out of nowhere yesterday….it’s still one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen/heard

  8. you’re a stunner in pale pinks.

  9. That was Neil’s plan for me! If you save all the money you would spend on food you have money for clothes and you look good in them!

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