Navy & Camel

This may be my preppiest look yet.  I find comfort in preppy.  Maybe it is because of my suburban upbringing or, maybe it is because I secretly hope to find myself lost in the Fall 2010 Tommy Hilfiger ad campaign “Meet the Hilfigers”.  OBSESSED.  The Lauren Ralph Lauren denim shirt is from The Bay.  I kept my eye on it for months until it was marked down to $30 from $100.  Score!  Jacket and skirt is from Zara, tights are Joe Fresh and shoes are Aldo.  Happy Friday!  CM



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6 responses to “Navy & Camel

  1. Ashley J

    You look adorable in the preppy outfit! What a great deal on that denim shirt too….love that it has a bow.

  2. Courtney Madison

    Oh Ralphy!!! Always a good idea. Your look loverly xoxo

  3. Bon-Ton

    Denim and Bows- two of my favourite things!
    Great Look, CM!

  4. ?

    Sexy school girl CM

  5. Jenn

    I love that skirt.. I feel like I could pull it off- which Bay did you get it at ?

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