Pink Hued

The dog days are over.  I realize this may have a different meaning to those who have heard the song, and to the song itself but, as for my dog days, my tan is over.  Julie and I take pictures of ourselves regularly (obviously) and it often makes us take a second look at what we are wearing and how we look in general.  These pics show me I need some bronzer stat!  Gosh I am pale!  I don’t think I am ready to take on the spray tanner but at this point…

I went down to the states over American thanksgiving.  I was there for family so my power shop allowed me to purchase this sweater from Ann Taylor Loft for $50 – I was drawn to the colour.  I wore them with my $19 Old Navy purple cargos.  I opted for an alternative to the army green cargos that are the rage these days as seen on Julie.

The rest of my outfit:
Bag – Joe Fresh
Jacket – H&M
Scarf – Arnold Brant
Necklace – Forever 21
Boots – H&M


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2 responses to “Pink Hued

  1. Ashley J

    I love Ann Taylor Loft so I am a huge fan of your new sweater!! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  2. Shannon

    Embrace your pale skin – it looks lovely! And did you go lighter with your highlights lately? Maybe that’s what’s brightening up your complexion and making you feel fair skinned. Either way, don’t fake n’bake or tan-in-a-bottle, you don’t need it :)

    Have fun at your Ugly Dress party tonight. Karin and I picked out a beauty last night for her. You’ll love it!


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