I found this H&M sweater in a random closet at my Mother’s house.  It was a Eureka moment!  How could I have let it sit for four years in bag on the floor of a closet?  Do you ever have those moments where a piece of clothing is discovered after years of hiding?.  It closely compares to a great vintage find.  Since my rediscovery last week, I have worn this sweater way too many times (laundry!)  We have reunited… and it feels so good.

Overcoat – Club Monaco
Jean Shorts – H&M
Tights – Hue
T-Shirt – Gap
Booties – Spring
Belt – H&M
Sunglasses – Joe Fresh
Lipstick – Nars Jungle Red



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5 responses to “Reunited

  1. Cathy

    You were born to wear red lipstick. Love the shoes too!

  2. tsss! Hot stuff! You are on fire!

  3. Karin

    I really love the boots CM, can i borrow them?? :)

  4. the things you pull off amazes me…you do it with style…keep it up.

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