The Long Skirt – Finally Found!

I have been on the lookout for a tight long black skirt FOREVER.  On the weekend, my friends’ cousin had just the one I pictured in my mind and she was kind enough to share that it came from H&M (for $49).  I love you H&M, you have almost everything that I’m looking for…thanks for being so reliable!

As in true Julie D’Uva fashion, I had to wear my new purchase immediately so I styled up a look just in time for the H.C. Sanders Launch event at the Thompson Hotel last night.  (H.C. Sanders is a German high-quality bedding company that just opened a Canadian store in Yorkville).

My new skirt is made of a thick spandex material and when I walk, I feel like a mermaid.  For the love of fashion!!
I also wore my American Apparel crop top, H&M moto jacket, H&M lace-up booties, and a selection of chain accessories. Oh, and I topped it off with another chapeau of mine.  This grey fedora came from none other than Goorin Bros.  JD



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6 responses to “The Long Skirt – Finally Found!

  1. Sarah

    I’ve been looking for a skirt like that TOO! going to H&M. Thnx!

  2. Mysterious Mike

    JD – You are so beautiful. Marry Me?

  3. Maria

    Julie, it’s on my shopping list. Love it. Also, i found one at Zara and another at forever 21. But i enjoy the flattering cut of this one. merci

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