3 Degrees of Kimmy Gibbler

Last Sunday night, Julie and I attended the taping of the sixth episode of Battle of the Blades.  We brought along the biggest Battle of the Blade fan we know, my mother, who cheered along every female Olympian and “woo-woo’ed” at all the retired, hunky hockey players.  We had a great night!

After the show we were invited back stage.  I just had to get a picture with Valeri Bure, husband of Candace Cameron, a.k.a. DJ Tanner!  Growing up I heard from many, including my mom, that I looked a lot like DJ.  When this picture was snapped, my mother got so excited she just had to tell Valeri of the comparison.  He didn’t seem to care.  Come on Val, I’m sure it isn’t everyday where you meet you wife’s 9-year-old doppleganger!

To stay warm by the ice, I wore my $14 H&M sweater dress and this Mendocino parka that I scored for $100.  CM



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5 responses to “3 Degrees of Kimmy Gibbler

  1. Suse

    bahaha Christine, I love your Mom. Did she entice him to play pass the parcel because the winner got Vibrant Crayola markers? Oh wait, we’re not 9 anymore.

  2. Shelley

    This is a hilarious post. Love it!

  3. Bon-Ton

    You are a good shopper, $100 smacks for that coat. Nicely done, CM… Nicely done!

  4. S-JP

    I love how you weren’t able to keep a straight face!

  5. Liz

    Now that you mention it…yes, yes indeed, you do look like DJ Tanner…amazing!

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