Electric Blue

I’m going to try really hard to add splashes of colour to my outfits this winter to save me from the black and grey drab syndrome we all fall into.  I found this electric blue blazer at H&M for $39 and I love it! JD

Other parts of my outfit include:
* Black jeans from Zara
* Circle scarf from Spring
* Silk shirt from a vintage store in Gent (Belgium)
* Moto gloves from Aldo
* Sunglasses are Gant by Michael Bastian
* Purse by Cole Haan



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10 responses to “Electric Blue

  1. Alix

    Great colour! Liking those shades as well.

  2. Awesome! Beautiful! Sassy….you vixens, you. Love to fresh styles I see here daily. Just added you to my blogrool, and of course fanned yo’ page. Keep on keepin’ it real yo!

  3. Sophia

    Love it! Trendy but still so pretty.

  4. Shannon

    Fun! Great addition of colour – I try to do this come wintertime too!
    Which H&M did you find this at?

  5. Kristina

    Great find! After winterizing my closet this weekend I realized that I have too many grey sweaters! I vow to only purchase colour this winter.

  6. meh

    fun! my fave outfit so far!

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