Back to Black

When I pull my winter coats out of storage, remove them from their garment bags and hang them in my closet I get excited. Excited because I enjoy creating new outfits from my revived winter wardrobe. “You’re styling two outfits at once!”, I tell my mother. She thinks I’m crazy.

This black jacket is from Club Monaco. I realize Club Monaco doesn’t want to hear this but, I always wait till after Christmas to scour their sale racks for deals on Outerwear and leather. This jacket was found marked down from $300 to $100. Made from 100% wool, it has held it bell shape beautifully over the past 3 years and has become a winter staple for me.

Boots are from Cole Haan. Beautiful non? Headband and stockings are H&M and gloves are BOSS Black. CM



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8 responses to “Back to Black

  1. kathy scott

    Love your outfit.
    I especially love your hairband!!!

  2. Patricia

    I love love the headband!!

  3. Ashley J

    Love this look, very retro feeling with the headband!

  4. Erin

    Love this! The gloves make it!

  5. those boots are amazing!

  6. Really love the headband!

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