Cougar Boots

What’s better than opening your door to a bouquet of flowers?  How about a brand new pair of boots?  Yes please!!

I was thrilled to receive an awesome pair of rain boots from COUGAR Shoes.  These boots are fashionable, functional, and of really good quality.  They are durable and best of all – Cougar is a Canadian company (since 1948).

I just love what they look like – especially for a rain boot.  I’ve been toying with the idea of buying a moto boot or Frye boot, and these boots fill that craving of mine.  A great feature is that they are extremely light weight.  I’ve tried many rain boots and they are always clunky and are such an effort to wear.  Not these – they are definitely comfortable.  I wore them walking all around the city and they were great! JD

For more info or where to buy, check out

List of other things I’m wearing:
* Acid wash jeggings from Forever 21 ($24)
* Leather jacket by Andrew Marc (sample sale)
* Vintage purse (gift from BFF)
* Cashmere scarf by Arnold Brant (gift)
* Bow head band from Winners ($10)
* Moto-gloves from Aldo ($24)



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9 responses to “Cougar Boots

  1. Hello! Those shiny boots like tres cute on you. Acid wash is back? I’m having flashbacks to my horrible wardrobe from the 80s. It was not pretty….

  2. Bon-Ton

    I heart Acid Wash and J.D.
    Not a fan of rubber boots, but those are cool!

  3. Alix

    Those boots rock! love them.

  4. Erin

    Those boots are awsome, i may have to put my Hunters aside this season !

  5. KM

    I love the sample sale leather jacket!

    What do these boots go for? For a good price i’d buy these Canadian made boots over Hunters

    Great post, JD you look fantastic!

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