This is the Heartbreak Hotel

My friend and I were walking down Queen street and she stopped in front of the gorgeous heritage house across from Trinity Bellwoods Park and said “I’ve NEVER noticed that house.”  I was shocked because she’s lived in the city longer than I have, and I notice it every time I walk by.  Later that day, another friend came across a big storage closet at work and said “I NEVER knew this existed.”  Shocked again, I thought how could this be?

Then came my turn.  The next day I was walking down Queen street and I happened to look above the Hero Burger and noticed an old sign that said Hotel Heartbreak.  I am very familiar with this area and I have NEVER noticed it before!  What a bizarre feeling.  Life is full of funny little surprises.  Does that ever happen to you?  JD

And for those who now have Whitney Houston’s Heartbreak Hotel in their head….hit it!



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3 responses to “This is the Heartbreak Hotel

  1. S-JP

    I’ve never noticed that! It’s pretty sweet!!!

  2. This is the. heartbreak.hotel. This is the. heartbreak.hotel.

    Man oh man I had that memorized back in the day….

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