Vintage Silk Shirt

This top is from Reitmans circa 1980 something, from my aunt’s closet.  I paired it with basic leggings, a belt, oxfords, a new camel coloured purse from Cole Haan, and my favourite chapeau by Goorin Bros. Check out my vlog at the bottom if you fancy it.  JD xx


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13 responses to “Vintage Silk Shirt

  1. Jenn

    I love the shirt from Rietmans… it brought back flasbacks of the Seaway Mall and I LOVE your purse- I hope I can find a new Cole Hann at Costco soon – hehe! :)

  2. Bon-Ton

    Lookin’ Cute, D’Uvs!

  3. That purse was such a good purchase! Great investment piece. Looking good!

  4. Julie that purse is such a great investment piece . . . looking good!

  5. KM

    JD I love this post!

  6. attempt #2 :)

    You look great Julie, LOVE the shirt, perfect colour for fall.

  7. Susanne


  8. Maria

    Julie…I absolutely LOVE the shirt. i’ll have to re visit Reitman’s now

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