Princess Hair and Spa

I believe every girl needs a go-to salon/esthetician  near her home, work, and somewhere in between.  It took me a while to peg my top three, but my newest and final third is Princess Hair & Spa at College & Ossington.

It offers full service for your hair and spa needs from hair cuts, to waxing, facial treatments, manicures, and pedicures.  Everything you need to keep you looking and feeling fabulous from the inside out.

The girls who work there are young and friendly, and I especially like it’s modest prices.  This is a fantastic place to go for a girl on a budget.  I like to spread the word when I find something good, and this one is worth spreading.

Check it out at 870 College Street or contact 416 901 9987.  JD



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7 responses to “Princess Hair and Spa

  1. Ahhh thank you for this post! I just moved to Toronto and am needing a trim and I will def be checking this place out.
    Should I be mentioning this blog post for a discount? ;)

  2. no probs! mention it for sure…I still have to send the post to the owner, but she knew I was doing it, so perhaps she might cut ya some slack. Enjoy! xx

  3. Shannon

    Any hair stylist in particular that you recommend? And how are they with colour/highlights?

  4. abigail

    telma, the owner, is amazing and so friendly. she also offers a stellar brazilian bikini wax at THE BEST price in the city. i love her, as do all of my friends, and i can’t recommend her enough.

  5. Leigh

    Telma is bomb diggedy.

  6. Telma

    You girls rock! Xo

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