The Tapered Cargo Pant

You know what’s the best?  Walking through the U of T campus on a crisp fall day.  It’s just so beautiful.  The sun went down fast, so you can’t exactly tell, but the orange and red leaves on the ground, the old buildings, and the glow of light were simply great.  You should take a stroll before winter hits.

Here I’m wearing a tapered cargo pant that I ordered from an online store called Alloy.  The brand is UnionBay and they were $60 (after tax and shipping).  I paired them with my new favourite top – the silk boyfriend shirt from Joe Fresh, $39.  My blazer is from Zara, black studded belt is from Joe Fresh, and my exaggerated gingham scarf is Joe Fresh as well. I didn’t plan this!  Joe just knows how to do the basics right.  My leather jacket is a staple from Andrew Marc (sample sale).  I hope you are seizing the best of Fall!  JD



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3 responses to “The Tapered Cargo Pant

  1. This is going to sound really really silly but how is the abrasion on those pants.
    I bought 2 pairs from American Eagle(Charcoal and Army Green) and they are both almost done with at my thighs…
    I may be tiny but I got some big thighs.
    $60…not shabby at all.
    I love the zipper detail to bad for my petite legs.

    I likey.

  2. Stunning outfit!
    Nothing beats a beautiful fall day at UofT… always so beautiful!

    -Marta from New Browser Window

  3. I just bought my first pair of cargo skinnies too and am loving them! Mine are an olive colour like yours…so perfect for Fall. I’ve never checked out Alloy…will have to click over there.

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