Hanging with Steven and Chris

Yesterday we were invited to a taping of the Steven and Chris show at the CBC in downtown Toronto.  It was a special show because the audience was made up of all Bloggers.  Hurray for Bloggers!

Steven and Chris are the go-to guys for ideas in home decor, entertaining, style, relationships, health, beauty and more.  They have also begun airing south of the boarder in multiple US media markets. Very exciting!

The show was high energy and lots of fun as they gave us useful DIY tips on framing small photos in over-sized frames; showed us how to make pulled pork marinated in Dr. Pepper (very strange, yet very tasty); and the celebrity guest was Jenny McCarthy!!  She was gorgeous, funny, and had a lot of interesting things to talk about.  She was promoting her new book Love, Lust, and Faking It – and she really sold us on it — going to buy a copy soon.

Check out her killer shoes!

After the show, they served us lunch (pulled pork of course), and did a Q&A session.  We asked them to define their personal style and if they disagreed on each others outfits — the answer: Chris is monochromatic and channels a Tom Ford kind of look, while Steven is laid back and more of an Abercrombie guy.  When we asked them what style they like to see on a woman, without missing a beat they said “CONFIDENCE.”  We couldn’t agree more!  It warmed our hearts to see them interact so genuinely with the crowd and with each other.

Thanks for an awesome afternoon boys!! You inspired us and we can’t wait to come back. JD & CM xo

Watch Steven and Chris, weekdays at 2 p.m. on CBC

P.S – We will be doing a giveaway for tickets to the show along with gift bags. Like our Facebook page HERE and stay tuned for details.



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4 responses to “Hanging with Steven and Chris

  1. Vadooch


    I was on Steven and Chris 2 weeks ago. Julie Valeriote and I went to the taping and I was super impressed – I would definetly go back. When will this episode be airing??

  2. Great post about such a fun day. You gals looked lovely – thanks for taking me and my girl’s picture!

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